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For over 20 years, Big C has strived to offer maximum satisfaction and value to our customers nationwide through a wide selection of quality products, outstanding service, one-stop shopping convenience and multiple store formats that fit the need of all customer segments.
Since the beginning, Big C Supercenter has been renowned for our price leadership. At the same time, we have spared no efforts to offer
“More Than Just Low Prices” to our customers. We have stressed the values of Thai-ness in all aspects of our service. Our dual retail-rental business model has enabled our shopping centers to answer to customers’ needs and preferences through a carefully selected tenant mix.

From our first hypermarket opening in Chaengwattana Road in Bangkok, our store network has expanded nationwide and our formats have expanded from hypermarkets to cover multiple formats, including two online offers. In 2011, our store network took a big leap forward when we acquired Carrefour’s operations in Thailand. The integration of Carrefour stores to Big C gave us access to key catchments in both Bangkok and upcountry, enhanced our ability to offer our customers
the best price available, and widened our reach to cover all customer segments from low to high income.

Whether you shop in our stores or work with us, you are a part of
the Big C family. Over the years our family has grown significantly.
We currently employ over 26,000 members of communities across Thailand. As for the customers, our popular Big Card loyalty program has grown rapidly into a big family since its inauguration in 2009, reaching 8.6 million members by the end of 2015.

Today, Big C has over 26,000 members and 8.6 million Big Card holders.