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Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul
Chief Executive Officer and President
Big C Supercenter PCL

Dear Shareholders,

Big C Supercenter PCL (Big C) has been serving Thai customers for more than 23 years through its various retail formats and dual retail-property model, while at the same time playing a pivotal role in developing countless communities across Thailand. In 2016 Big C became, once again, a truly Thai company, and as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Big C, I am honored to be a part of one of the nation’s leading organizations.

Big C is proud to be a Thai retailer that has always strived hand in hand with Thai society, emphasizing its Thai character, and always having its customers’ interests at heart. In this same spirit I myself and our team are firmly committed to maintaining the high standards of service which our customers deserve. In these past years, competition in the retail industry has become fiercer and very intense yet Big C has continued to stand strong and proud. I am therefore highly confident that we will be able to continue to deliver high standards and to strengthen our organization, all in the hope of gratifying the wishes of our customers. It is upon this task that our organization should pay utmost attention to its own members, for an organization can only thrive if its people thrive.

Another dream which we have envisaged for Big C is for our stores to become a center for the local community - a dream which by necessity must stem from the local population and from our own Big C family, whether that may be the local store operations team, store managers, district managers, Merchandise team, Accounting, Finance or even Human Resource. For the responsibility also lies within the organization to work together and help Big C cultivate stronger relations with the local community and to become “the heart of the community” in the years to come.

Big C has paved the way for many business opportunities, and with our stable shareholders acting as a supporting foundation, the organization has been able to contribute in various ways to the national interest. Together with our shareholders we support Big C’s efforts to accomplish its business goals, in tandem with the good corporate governance principles: which is conducting business based on fairness and justice. Our goal is to foster deep trust in the organization and allow Big C to grow together with its customers, because ultimately our success is interwoven with the happiness and success of our customers.

I, the management committee and employees would like to thank all our shareholders, customers, business partners, and employees for entrusting us with their goodwill and confidence, and for supporting our business operations. We are ready to stride forward to deliver the significant returns, to the best of our ability, while always conducting business in a manner that is honest, productive and meriting praise as “a model organization” contributing to the national interest.”