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Dividend Policy for the Company

The Company has a policy to pay dividends at the rate not less than 30 per cent of annual stand-alone net profit after deduction of legal reserve. The Company regularly pays dividend in line with this policy.

Dividend Policy for subsidiaries

The Company holds more than 90% of the shares of its subsidiaries. It therefore has a policy to pay the dividends at maximum rate possible in order to allow Big C to fully realize revenue from its subsidiary.

Annual Dividend Payments over the last 3 years

20162 2015 2014
Dividend Payment (Baht / Share) 1.90 2.62 2.62
Dividend Amount (Baht) 1,567,500,000 2,161,500,000 2,161,500,000
Dividend Payout Ratio (percent) 30 33 30
Legal Reserve (Baht) 1 None None None
Number of Shares 825,000,000 825,000,000 825,000,000

1 In 2011, the legal reserve met legal requirement, i.e., ten (10) percent of the Company's registered capital
2 Subject to approval of AGM 2017 to be held on 24 April 2017