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Report resolutions of the appointment of the Audit Committee

BackFeb 16, 2006

We, Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited (the "Company"),
would like to report the SET the resolutions of the Meeting of
Board of Directors No. 2/2006 dated February 16, 2006 as follow:

The service term of the Audit Committee and Independent Director
consisting of Mr. Nonthapon Nimsomboon (Chairman of the Audit 
Committee), General Winai Phattiyakul (Member of the Audit 
Committee) and Dr. Rongphol Charoenphandhu (Member of the Audit
Committee) had been expired on November 17, 2005.  However, 
those Audit Committee's members and Independent Directors 
members are thoroughly performing their services with good
support to the Company such then until now. 

Therefore, in this regard the Board of Directors No. 2/2006 
has thereby passed a resolution for the re-appointment of 
all 3 members of the Audit Committee and Independent Directors
to resume the office for another services term extension 
where the scope of duties and responsibilities would be the same.
The reappointment is effective from November 17, 2005 to 
November 17, 2008.  The Audit Committee will directly report to
the Company's Boards of Directors.

To comply with the SET regulations, we hereby notify you of 
the appointment of the Audit Committee due to expiration of
the services term of the committee members and Independent 
Director for disclosure to interested investors.

Please be informed accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. Rumpa Kumhomreun
Secretary of the Board,
Vice President-Finance and Accounting