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Report on resolution of the BOD no.1/2006

BackJan 27, 2006

We, Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited (the "Company")
would like to inform you of the resolution of the Board of 
Directors' Meeting No. 1/2006 held on 26 January 2006
at 10:00 a.m. that the Board of Directors unanimously approved
the Company to purchase 1,800,000 ordinary shares from the group of
6 joint venture shareholders in Chiang Rai Big C Limited as one
of the Company's subsidiary.  

Even though, such transaction did not deemed to be connected
transaction of the listed company, however the Company would like
to inform the SET the details of such transaction as follows:

Sellers :  Group of 6 joint venture shareholders consisting of  		

        Name                                Amount of shares
1. Mrs. Somsri Srimanas                        	100,000
2. Mr. Sonthidej Srimanas		        200,000
3. Mr. Chattavan Srimanas                      	200,000
4. Mrs. Wachiraporn Attapreeyangkul          	200,000
5. Mr. Assawadej Srimanas		        200,000
6. Wangkam Hotel Co., Ltd.                     	900,000

Total amount of selling price	:	122,994,000  Baht
                                        (Baht One Hundred Twenty
					Two Million Nine Hundred
					Ninety Four Thousand)

In this regard, the Company would like to summarize the ratio
of the shares held by the Company prior to and before the
transaction as follows:

Total of purchasing shares	:      	1,800,000     shares
Shares amount held by the
Company prior to the purchase	:      16,199,992     shares
Shares holding ratio prior to
the purchase			:	     90 %
Shares amount held by the
Company after the purchase	:       17,999,992     shares
Shares holding ratio after
the purchase			:	    99.99 %
Please be informed accordingly.

Sincerely Yours,

Ms. Rumpa Kumhomreun
Vice President, Finance and Accounting