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Report the resolutions of AGM for the year 2006

BackApr 28, 2006

We, Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited (the Company),
would like to report the SET of the resolutions of the Annual 
General Shareholders Meeting for the year 2006 held on 
27 April 2006 at 9.00 a.m. at Room Arnoma 1, Arnoma Hotel, 
No. 99 Rajdamri Road, Lumpini Sub-district, Pathumwan District, 
Bangkok, as follows:

Since we have the Independent Financial Advisor and also 
Mr. Nontaphol Nimsomboon, Independent Director and 
Chairman of the Audit Committee, who has an urgent business
after this meeting, therefore, the Meeting unanimously 
approved allowing a change in the sequence of the agenda by
starting with agenda 6 stipulated in the invitation letter
regarding the connected transaction.

1. The Meeting unanimously approved the connected transactions 
   regarding the renewal of the land and building lease 
   agreements including service agreement relating to the
   Buildings of Wongsawang Town Center as per the opinion
   of the Board and the Audit Committee as follows;
   Opinion of the Board: 
   -  This connected transaction has given at the most 
      benefits to the Company because it is a renewal
      of the lease for Land and Building of Big C 
      Wongsawang which is currently one of the 
      Company branches. In order that the Company
      will be able to continue its business
      operation in Wongsawang for another 
      10 years period.
   -  This connected transaction has been 
      approved by majority vote (8/10) of the 
      directors whom have no conflict of interest 
      in this respect. The directors who are 
      considered as the connected persons are 
      Khun Suthichart and Khun Tos Chirathivat 
      have abstained their vote to this transaction.
  Opinion of the Audit Committee
  -  This connected transaction is 
     considered by the Independent Appraisal 
     Valuer and the Independent Financial Advisor
     as reasonable transaction.  The Audit
     Committee Meeting held on 31 March 2006
     has unanimously agreed to approve 
     the transaction.  The Audit Committee
     has an opinion that the transaction is
     reasonable and given the benefit to
     Big C when compared to the transaction
     with external party in accordance with
     the Independent Financial Advisor.
2. The Meeting unanimously approved the 
   Minutes of the Annual General 
   Shareholders Meeting for the year 2005
   held on 28 April 2005;

3. The Meeting unanimously acknowledged 
   and approved the Annual Report and the
   Financial Statements of the Company
   for the financial year ended 
   31 December 2005 which have been
   audited by the certified auditor;

4. The Meeting unanimously approved
   the allocation of profit, payment
   of dividend and legal reserve for
   the Year 2005 as follows:
   Allocation for 
   dividend payment: 1,252,044,753.23 Baht
                     (70% of the net profit
                     after deduction of the
                     statutory reserve)
    Payment for 
    each ordinary share: 1.56 Baht
    Statutory Reserve:  94,138,703.25 Baht
    Date of dividend payment: May 26, 2006
    And fixing the date of closing the
    Company Share Register for designation
    the Right of shareholders to receive
    the dividend on the 7th of April 2006 
    at 12.00 hr. until the Annual General
    Shareholders Meeting is completed;

5. The Meeting unanimously re-appointed 
   5 retiring directors,namely 
   Mr.Suthichart Chirathivat, 
   Mr.Tos Chirathivat, 
   Mr.Thierry Bourgeron, 
   Mr.John Sian Zu-Lin and
   Mr.Viet Hung Do as the 
   Company directors for 
   another term;

6. The Meeting unanimously appointed
   Ms. Ratana Jala, auditor license 
   no.3734 and/or Ms.Saifon Inkaew, 
   auditor license no.4434 and/or
   Ms.Tippawan Nananuwat,auditor 
   license no.3459 of Ernst & Young
   office as the Company auditor
   and appointed Mr.Wichart Lokatekrawee,
   auditor license no. 4451 
   and/or Ms. Kamontip Lertwitworatep,
   auditor license no.4377 of 
   Ernst & Young office as the Subsidiaries
   Company auditor for the financial
   year ending 31 December 2006 and
   fixed their remuneration of 
   Baht 3,400,000 (Baht Three Million
   Four Hundred Thousand)for the Company
   only and Baht 6,010,000 (Baht Six 
   Million and Ten Thousand) for the
   whole group.

7. The Meeting unanimously approved
   the Revenue Recognition for the
   cancellation of the Dividend 
   amount of Baht 55,974 (Fifty 
   Five Thousand Nine Hundred 
   Seventy Four Baht) due to the 
   non qualification of the 
   shareholders to receive the
   dividend payment of year 2005
   on 28 April 2005.
Please be informed accordingly

Yours sincerely

Ms.Rumpa Kumhomreun
Vice President, Finance and Accounting