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Report on Names of Members & Scope of Performance of the AC

BackOct 16, 2007

F 24-3

Form for report on Names of Members and Scope of Performance Of the Audit Committee

The Board of Directors meeting of Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited (the "Company") No.4/2007 held on 10 October 2007 passed a resolution for the appointment of a new member of Audit Committee and Independent Director, namely, General Montri Supaporn Ph.D., who is appointed to replace General Winai Phattiyakul due to his intended resignation with the following details:

1. General Montri Supaporn to replace General Winai Phattiyakul, the resigned member of Audit Committee and Independent Director

The appointment is effective from October 10, 2007 onwards.

Clause 1. Names of members of the Audit Committee are as follows:

Remaining Terms of holding office:

Remaining Terms of holding office:
Chairman of the Audit Committee Mr.Nontaphon Nimsomboon
1 year 8 days
Member of the Audit Committee General Montri Supaporn Ph.D.
1 year 8 days
Member of the Audit Committee Dr.Rongphol Charoenphandhu
1 year 8 days
Secretary of the Audit Committee Ms.Rumpa Kumhomreun  

Clause 2. The Audit Committee of the Company has the scope of duties and responsibilities,and shall report to the Board of Directors on:

1. to review the company's financial reporting process in order to ensure its accuracy and adequacy;

2. to review the company's internal control and internal audit in order to ensure its suitability and effectiveness;

3. to review the performance of the company in order to ensure its compliance with the securities and exchange law, regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand of laws concerning the company's business;

4. to consider;select and nominate the company's external auditor and recommend his remuneration;

5. to consider the disclosure of the company's information in the case where there is a connected transaction or transaction that may lead to conflict of interest in order to ensure its accuracy and completeness;

6. to prepare a report on the monitoring activities of the audit committee by disclosing them in the company's annual report signed by the chairman of the audit committee;

7. to perform any other act as delegated by the company's board of directors with the approval of the audit committee.


Signature - signature- Authorized Person
(Mr. Yves Bernard Braibant, Mr. Tos Chirathivat)
Position: Chief Executive Officer & President,Director