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Our business can be divided into two categories: retail and property. Our retail operations cover all our stores from large hypermarkets to proximity stores, and our property operations refer to shopping centers that accompany most of our hypermarkets and markets.


Through our retail outlets we offer a wide variety of items to our customers, ranging from fresh food to clothing and from electronics to health and beauty products. Our current over 100,000 SKUs can be divided to five basic categories:

Fresh Food: meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables (both ready to cook and ready to eat), frozen food, baked goods, and various herbs and spices.

Dry Food: seasonings and condiments, beverages (both soft drinks and liquor), snack foods, personal items, cleaning suppliers, and pet food and accessories.

Clothing and Accessories (Soft Line): men’s, women’s, children’s and infant’s clothing, and shoes as well as cosmetics.

Electrical Appliances (Hard Line): a wide range of electrical appliances including white goods, kitchen appliances, home entertainment equipment, tapes, CDs, plus automobile and motorcycle accessories, and home improvement and maintenance tools and supplies.

Home Decor and Accessories (Home Line): furniture, kitchenware, plastic storage items and utensils, decorative items, sporting goods and toys.

Our store formats range from large hypermarkets to a proximity stores, all offering the best price to our customers. These store formats are:

Hypermarkets: These are our largest stores, offering a wide selection of consumer goods and food items. We currently have three hypermarket formats: Big C Supercenter and Big C Extra, and our “wholesale & professional-oriented” format named Big C Jumbo.

Big C Supercenter is our hypermarket, targeting mid-to-low income customer segments.  It offers maximum value through a combination of low prices, wide selection of goods and services, clean and efficient shopping environment, and outstanding service.

Big C Extra is our hypermarket targeting mid-to-high income customer segments. While keeping Big C’s signature low prices, Big C Extra offers a wider range of premium fresh and dry food items, more top-of-the range items, and more imported products.  It also provides many more “extra” products and services.

Big C Jumbo is our new wholesale membership format.  It offers an "all-under-one-roof solution" not only to professional customers such as hotels, restaurants, and caterers (HORECA), but also to small and medium-size retailers, companies and institutions, as well as any households which buy in large volumes.  Our Big C Jumbo Stations are implanted in our Hypermarkets in Pattaya and Ayutthaya with items tailored for HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) customers in addition to the normal hypermarket assortment.

Supermarket: Big C opened our first supermarket format called Big C Junior in 2010. With Carrefour integration in 2011, we added 8 more supermarkets to our store network and renamed them to Big C Market. Big C Market offers the same price-leadership as our hypermarkets, and are targeting mid to low income customer segment. These stores have smaller selling area than our hypermarkets which enables Big C Market to penetrate smaller catchment areas than hypermarkets. Our Big C Market’s differ from more traditional supermarkets by offering a wide range of products in various categories ranging from food to non-food.

Proximity Store: To offer Big C’s signature savings for our customers’ daily top-up needs, we launched Mini Big C concept in 2007. Unlike convenience stores, Mini Big C also offers fresh food items making it an ideal place for top-up shopping. Our Mini Big C stores are located inside the communities and since June 2012 at Bangchak service stations, offering convenient shopping experience for our customers.

Health and Beauty: Pure is our drugstore format offering pharmaceutical, health, beauty and wellness products. While most of our current Pure drugstores are implanted into existing Big C hypermarkets and Big C Markets, we have also opened a few standalone stores.

Other formats: We are always looking for a new ways to serve our customers and to develop our store formats to answer their changing needs.


Our shopping centers, that accompany most of our existing hypermarkets and markets, complement our retail stores product offering and offer our customers one-stop shopping experience. We select our tenants carefully to make sure that our customers will find all the services they need under one roof. The services our shopping center tenants offer can be divided into these four categories:

Food & Beverage: Restaurants, franchised food outlets, and food courts.

Entertainment: Cinemas, karaoke booths, and children’s Playlands.

Specialty Stores: Book shops, fashion boutiques, electronics shops, mobile phone shops, and pharmacies.

Services: Banks, dry cleaning shops, and hair salons.

We divide our tenants into the following five categories depending on their lease term and type of their businesses.

Commercial Retail Unit: These tenants help us to build up the image of our shopping centers with their well known brand names. Their lease terms are usually medium term and they include major chains, restaurants, banks, etc.

Junior Anchor: Beside Big C Hypermarket or Market, being always the anchor tenant in our shopping malls, junior anchor tenants help us to make our shopping centers shopping destinations to our customers. Their lease terms are long and they include DIY stores, cinemas, etc.

Food & Beverage: All our shopping malls include food courts where our customers can find a variety of food at low prices. Lease term to food vendors in our food courts is one year.

Big Bazaar: Big Bazaar includes many small stores that sell various items including fashion, accessories, mobile phone shops etc.

Casual Leasing: Our shopping malls offer a variety of small kiosks whose offering is ever-changing with a short lease terms.