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Whistle Blower's Channels

In overseeing all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, and other groups, the Company took into consideration and gave importance to having a cooperative mechanism.

Current contact channels for all stakeholders include email, website (, call center (1756), whistle blower box at all branches, and post. Contact persons for each group of stakeholders are:

  1. Shareholders: Company Secretary and GRC function
  2. Investors / Analyst: CFO and Investor Relations function
  3. Media: VP-Marketing and Corporate Affairs function
  4. All stakeholders including customers, business partners, employees and communities: Business Development function (for Call Center, Website, and Post), Loss Prevention function (for whistle blower boxes)

Whistle Blowing Procedures

In 2014, the Company initiated an Anti-Fraud Project, starting from the review of processes related to controlling environment, preparing guidelines and related documentation in order to find common standard across functions, and preparing training materials and procedures for employees and stakeholders, with the intention to strengthen understanding of employees so that they are key drivers to effectively prevent fraud and corruption. The improved procedures include the process adjustment for receiving complaints and monitoring them by the Committee (The Corporate Ethics Committee or CEC). The CEC’s roles and responsibilities include the overall responsibility for the fraud risk management process, including the process to prevent, detect and respond to fraud, oversee the fraud complaints through Call Center, and investigation, enforcement, remediation and public disclosure protocol in relation to fraud. Also the Committee; determines and ensures that significant fraud cases are properly investigated, ensures the registration and analysis of incident reports by maintaining a centralized log of reported fraud, ensures anonymity, confidentiality and transparency in the detection and response of fraud, monitors anti-fraud measures to ensure that appropriate controls are designed and implemented, regularly report the summary of fraud reports, incidents, as well as analysis to the Executive Committee, Audit Committee or the Board of Directors in accordance with the procedure.

Protection of Confidentiality and Whistle Blowers

The Company protects the innocent whistle blowers and informants. Identify and tipped information will be kept confidential and can be accessed only by authorized persons, unless the disclosure is required by law.

The Company is aware and gives importance to protection of confidential data and intellectual property. It communicated and required that all employees are aware of their responsibility in protecting company assets, not disclose or use insider trading information or confidential information or proprietary information of the Company. In addition, the Company respects intellectual property rights which are reflected in the authorized usage of copyrighted software. All software applications have to be reviewed and installed by the Management of Information System function only.